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About TexSax Ranch
The name TexSax Ranch is a play on our family's background in Texas and Saxony, Germany. We started our family enterprise in 2012 with the objective to learn what it takes to produce wholesome foods locally and to discover the synergies and perfect wonders that God embedded into nature and its creatures.

We hope to be a blessing to the people we work with and serve, reflecting biblical wisdom and truth. In this we decided to follow the following production principles and standards for our products:

​Pastured Beef

We follow the standards outlined by the Amercan Grassfed Association (AGA). This means that that our cattle is raised and finsihed on grass only, except for some seasonal protein supplements within the guidline of AGA (restricted to 1% of total feed intake). In addition to these strict AGA guidlines we decided to only feed organic alfalfa pellets as a protein supplement to ensure chemical and GMO free feed throught the live of the animals.

Pastured Eggs

Our egg layers are a mixed flock of Barred Rocks, Brahmas, Australorps and Welchsummers that roam freely with our cattle. They are our natural way of controlling barn flies and pasture parasites. They feed on our pasture bermuda grass and have free choice access to a certified organic, soy-free feedmix supplied by Texas' only local organic feedmill (Coyote Creek).

Pastured Broilers, Turkeys, Ducks & Pork

​Several times throughout the year, we will take custome orders for broilers, turkeys and pork. We keep broilers, turkeys and pigs in seperate sections of our pasture where a more intensive fertilization and "groundwork" is desirable. We rotate these areas and allow at least 6 months of rest each year to preserve the grass cover and to allow for natural sanitization.

All our pastured meat animals (except for cattle) have access to a free-choice, certified organic feedmix supplied by Coyote Creek.