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Welcome to TexSax Ranch!
TexSax Ranch provides pastured-based foods grown by our family here in Fort Worth for the tables of our neighbors and friends.  

We utilize a number of small neighborhood pastures on the westside of Fort Worth to raise Dexter cattle along side a mixed flock of egg layers and meat chickens. 

For your peace of mind, we do not utilize any growth hormones or antibiotics in our animals. All pastures are fertilized with our own compost and we do not apply any pesticides. Both, our chickens and cattle eat the seasonal selection of grasses and "weeds" as the Lord provides. 

Growing natural, local food is a family affair for us. Our children are involved in various aspects of this enterprise and are learning to appreciate the basic laws of God's creation, animal husbandry and customer service.

Thank you for your friendship and support! 
Products available all year:

Common retail cuts of beef
Customer beef orders
Soy-free pasture eggs

Seasonal products:

Custom pork orders
Garden vegetables
Fresh sauerkraut
TexSax Ranch LLC ®  10321 Westridge Road, Fort Worth, TX  76126
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